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Welcome to Peru Children’s Trust

The Peru Children’s Trust is a Christian charity dedicated to the support of poor children and young people in the city of Huancayo in Peru.

The Peru Children’s Trust is an independent Christian charity, formed in the UK in 1997, to assist extremely poor orphans, children and families in Peru, whose circumstances have been affected by the economy and years of civil war.

Our charity aims to have a close personal relationship with the children and the families it supports. It operates currently in the shantytowns and deprived areas of Huancayo, and surrounding villages in the Andes – an area with a population of 500,000 people. Peru Children’s Trust is registered with the UK Charity commission (1063976).


Empowering Children with, an Identity, an Education, a Future 


Our Work

The families helped by the Trust live in run down areas of Huancayo, in the shantytowns around the edge of the city, or in the villages along the valley. The housing is basic, cramped, with no proper sanitation or cooking facilities, and sometimes without doors or windows.

The children who live in these terrible conditions often cannot afford to attend school. Although education in Peru is free, children have to pay a registration fee and must wear a uniform. They also have to provide all their own stationery, equipment and books, including all text books.

Through a sponsorship scheme the Trust provides the means for all the children in each family to be educated to the end of their secondary schooling. It also funds their housing needs by providing roofing, doors and windows, furniture and bedding. Often the Trust workers have to work to obtain birth certificates for the children as many have not been registered at birth due to the cost and therefore are unable to access an education without identity.


In addition to the sponsorship scheme, we ensure the children can have fun. Most of the children have never celebrated their birthdays. The Trust organises bi-monthly birthday parties for the children. Christmas parties are also held each year, when the children can enjoy games, festive food and presents, with a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Family guidance, counselling and Christian teaching are an important part of our work.