Newsletter July 2018

I am pleased to report that all is going well in Peru. 

There have been a number of changes of children this year - some who have finished their secondary education; a few whose families have moved away from Huancayo for various reasons; and one or two teenagers who have dropped out of school prematurely. It is sad when this happens, but now that they can go on line in internet cafes they see how other children live and want the same benefits that money can buy, so try to find a job.

The camp in February was very successful and a special time for many of the children. Besides all the fun and games they had some Bible teaching and several children responded to the call to follow Jesus.

Children with their crafts

Children with their crafts

We hope that the camp will run again next year but funds are quite low at the moment.

The team in Peru have been running some courses for families.

They have had a course for fathers to encourage them to take more responsibility for their families, and one for mothers to instruct them on health and hygiene, including healthy eating and hygiene for bodies and hands.. 

More courses are planned for financial help for fathers and spelling for the children.

As I have not been in good health recently I have been hoping that someone will be willing to take on some of the work which I do. I am glad to say that I have had an offer of help so will gradually be handing over tasks to her

We are also pleased to announce that we have taken on two new younger trustees in this country recently, Adam Papa, and Carlos Troncoso.

They are both family men and Carlos is a Spanish speaker which will be a great asset. We also have Andy and David Reynaga as trustees so we now have three people fluent in Spanish. Andy and Adam are hoping to be able to go to Peru later this year in order to make a promotional video of the work of PCT-Huancayo. More about that in the next newsletter hopefully!

Once again I would like to thank you all so much for your support, both financially and in prayer, and to remind those of you who want to write to your children or send them birthday card of the address :-

Child's name and number


Apt. 096,   Serpost

Huancayo, Peru

For any extra donations please send to our treasurer:-

Mrs Janet Booker,  28, Woodlands Park Avenue,  Maidenhead,  SL6 3LS

With many thanks to you and to God,

Newsletter September 2017

Dear Supporters, 

I am sorry that I have only been able to produce 2 newsletters this year but illness and other events prevented me from writing one sooner. 

We have recently heard that some students have successfully graduated and also that the economic situations of a few families have much improved and they would like the help to now go to poorer families. Alongside the good news there are also the usual losses of one or two children leaving school prematurely and others moving away from Huancayo with their families. So I will be writing to some sponsors about changes to their children when we return from holiday in a couple of weeks. 

The team in Peru are helping those students who have graduated to obtain suitable jobs. Although the economic situation in Peru has been improving during the past few years there is still much poverty and underemployment in the mountain areas where our children live. 

The team are already making plans for the Christmas treats for the children. So we need to raise extra money to pay for the Christmas celebrations. Last year our donations did not cover the costs, partly due to the change in the exchange rate and also since prices in Peru have gone up. So we are asking those who are able if they could contribute £25 per child this year. Please do not feel that this is obligatory as any smaller donations will be welcome. As we know, children in this country receive so much at Christmas so I hope we will be able to give the Peruvian children at least a small proportion of what our children and grandchildren will receive this year. We have already been blessed with one large donation. 

Please send cheques, earmarked 'Christmas' to :- 

Mrs Janet Booker, 28, Woodlands Park Avenue, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 3LS. 

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer the bank details are : 

The Peru Children's Trust 

Co-operative Bank 

Sort code : 08 92 99 

Acc number: 65297308 

If you wish to send Christmas or birthday cards to your children, if in Spanish, the address is: 

Peru Children's Trust-Huancayo 

Apt. 096 




I can do short translations if you want to write more than a simple greeting, but please get your card or letter stamped with the appropriate postage before sending it to me. I will then translate it and forward it to Peru. Let me know if you require the list of Spanish phrases. 

Thank you so much for your continuing support, both those who sponsor children and those who contribute to the General Fund or the salaries of the team in Peru. We could not continue to bring hope for the future to many families without you and the grace of God. 

Jill Coe and the PCT trustees